University of Southern California

USC Identity Guidelines

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Website URLs and Links

Name Usage: USC website domain names ( or the redirect, University URLs are guided by the principle of spectrum scarcity; meaning there is ultimately a finite number of URL names that may be granted. URL requests are managed by … Continue reading

Website Guidelines

USC Logo Departments, centers, institutes and programs must include the primary USC logo in the top right corner of each page with a link back to the USC homepage. Website Titles A website’s title (which may be the name of … Continue reading

Merchandise Guidelines

The Office of Trademarks & Licensing Services (TLS) serves as the clearinghouse for use of USC marks in the creation of consumer products, including promotional items. TLS also serves as the contact point for department trademark registration requests and inquiries. … Continue reading

Social Media Accessibility Guidelines

Creating Accessible Social Media Content Social media posts will generally reach an audience that includes individuals with disabilities. USC is committed to ensuring equal access to its programs/resources, and all Social Media posts must be accessible to individuals with disabilities. … Continue reading

Social Media Profiles

Profile Photos When setting up a social media account, you will need to upload a profile photo. Depending on the social channel you are using, this will require an image of a minimum resolution. Current web standards are as follows: … Continue reading

Approved Color Combinations

The examples shown are the approved color combinations for USC logotypes. As a standard, two of the three colors — Pantone 201C, Pantone 123C or black (including their CMYK and RGB equivalents) — should be used. The USC monogram should … Continue reading

Social Media Guidelines

For Institutional, Departmental and Organizational Use Building a social media presence is a good way to extend your web presence, promote your programs, and connect with your audience in an environment that allows for a more personal communication style. Consider … Continue reading

Print Guidelines

Introduction to the USC Graphic Identity Program A memorable and effective identity takes years to build, yet, it can quickly erode through a failure to protect and accurately implement the elements that define it. This website will provide you with … Continue reading

Letter from the President

I am pleased to introduce USC’s new graphic identity, a system that provides a strong, consistent look for the university across a range of media and materials. This program includes a redesigned USC logo and monogram, as well as updated … Continue reading

Brand Use Guidelines

When users and visitors come across the USC name, marks, images, and domain name, they experience our brand. Each encounter is an opportunity to express the outstanding achievements, stellar contributions, and strong community of a world-class academic and research institution. … Continue reading