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USC Identity Guidelines

Guidelines for Public Plaza Banners

Black History Month Banners, February 1, 2018. (Photo/Gus Ruelas)

Light pole banners occupying central public area plazas of Trousdale Parkway and Ronald Tutor Campus Center are subject to approval by the Office of University Communications. Proposals for banners in these spaces must meet the following criteria:

Thematic Criteria (two or more of the following):

Audience Criteria (banner themes should be appropriate for one of the following):

Schedules for central plaza banners follow the academic year calendar (August-May) and are determined in May for the following academic year. Academic or administrative departments may suggest additions to the schedule by submitting a proposal between April 1-30 of each year. Additions are contingent upon schedule opening and availability of production funds.

Proposal Submission Form

2017-2018 Trousdale Banner Schedule

Aug 1-31: Welcome New Trojans

Sept. 1-29: Bike Safety

Oct. 2-13: Be Well USC

Oct. 16-25: Good Neighbors

Oct. 16-Nov. 3: LGBTQ+History, October 9-16 and 25-30

Oct. 30-Nov. 20: Conquest Week “Beat the Bruins”

Nov. 20-Jan 5: Traits of a Trojan

Jan. 5-Feb. 1: Welcome New Trojans

Feb. 1-28: Black History Month

March 1-26: Women’s History Month / USC Women’s Conference

March 26-April 23: Festival of Books

April 23-May 14: Commencement

May 14-June 4: Traits of a Trojan

June 4-July 1: LGBTQ Pride

2018-2019 Trousdale Banner Schedule

Wed, Aug 1-Fri, Aug 31: Welcome Trojans

Fri, Aug 31-Fri, Sept 14: Career Preparation

Fri, Sept 14-Fri, Sept 28: Bike Safety

Fri, Sept 28-Wed, Oct. 31: Good Neighbors + LGBTQ Pride

Wed, Oct. 31-Mon, Nov. 19: Conquest Week “Beat the Bruins”

Mon, Nov. 19-Fri, Jan 4: Traits of a Trojan

Fri, Jan. 4-Fri, Feb. 1: Welcome Trojans

Fri, Feb. 1-Thurs, Feb. 28: Black History

Thurs, Feb 28-Fri, March 29: Women’s History

Fri, March 29-Mon, April 15: Festival of Books

Mon, April 15-Mon, May 13: Commencement

Mon, May 13-Mon, June 3: Traits of a Trojan

Mon, June 3-Mon, July 1: LGBTQ Pride

Mon, July 1-Wed, July 31: Traits of a Trojan

Wed, July 31-Fri, Aug 30: Welcome Trojans

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