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Website URLs and Links

Name Usage: USC website domain names

( or the redirect,

University URLs are guided by the principle of spectrum scarcity; meaning there is ultimately a finite number of URL names that may be granted. URL requests are managed by Information Technology Services, in consultation with University Communications Marketing group.

University Communications maintains primary gateway presences for the university and reserves usage and governance of sites residing on broad, all-university URLs including,,, etc.

The following are circumstances for which URLs would typically be granted:

The following are circumstances for which URLs would typically NOT be granted:

Labs and Research Group Sites

For Principal Investigators who head labs or faculty research or personal pages, the suggested syntax is:

A Note on Centers within one academic school

Centers affiliated with a school should use a URL that represents that affiliation as a way of further establishing reputational branding of the school. It is preferred to connect the URL to the school to further establish reputational branding of the school. Examples,,, etc.

A Note on Research Projects

The criteria for research projects to be granted a domain name on is as follows: the project should

Requestors must present a content maintenance plan (who to contact, what will be published) and agree to update any out of date or incorrect information upon request. Priority is granted to projects and entities requiring a broad national or international level of public recognition for the benefit of the university’s reputation.

Requirements for Site Owners on USC Domains

Requestors who are granted domains and/or redirects are required to keep their websites current with university visual identity, privacy policies, brand guidelines, and factual information standards. Sites that do not meet these standards will be subject to a 30 day period of for updating information. If the required updates are not made within 30 days, usage of the university URL may be revoked.

Grandfather Clause Exceptions

Current websites that have existing URLs may be “grandfathered” to keep existing URLs that do not meet the criteria outlined in these guidelines. Review of exceptions will be at the discretion of the academic unit communication office and/or Provost Office Communications, in conjunction with Information Technology Services and University Communications.

Revocation of URL Names

University Communications, in conjunction with Information Technology Services, reserves to right to revoke any previously assigned URL at any time if it conflicts with the guidelines elucidated here, or other university policies, priorities, or interests. A period of 10 days will be given to site owners in preparation for revocation.

Other Domain Use

Occasionally, USC brand presence may be permitted on website properties on that exist on .com, .org, .net or other non-“.edu” domains for specific consumer-facing, conference, consortium, or affinity group purposes.

Typical permitted use cases of other domains, where the sponsoring department is:

In these cases, site content managers are asked to confer with the sponsoring school, department, or divisional unit to keep their site content within brand standards for visual identity, editorial content, and current data privacy and online security best practices.

External Organization Affiliation

It is the ethical responsibility of USC departments and units, as representatives of the university, to protect the USC brand and its marks, thereby preserving its reputation, academic prestige, and historical contributions.

It is in these interests that affiliation of the brand with third party products or services, outside of contractual agreements reviewed and approved by the appropriate Dean and Provost, or members of the President’s Cabinet, are strictly prohibited.

The appearance of endorsement of a third-party good or service should be carefully considered before entering into an agreement to affiliate, as a risk to the brand reputation. When in doubt, it is advisable to consult with the University Communications Marketing group, Trademarks and Licensing, General Counsel, or if applicable, Government Relations.

Corporate Logos and Links on USC’s Website

Corporate logos and links may not be included on any USC academic website (academic defined as granted a presence on a website property) except as permitted below:

Accrediting Organizations

Academic and administrative units may display marks from accrediting organizations, in a ratio of 3:5 ratio of external mark: USC logo.

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