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USC Identity Guidelines

Web Fonts

Web fonts let you use typefaces that aren’t available by default in web browsers by downloading font files along with your web pages. This technique allows you to use the university’s official typefaces – Adobe Caslon Pro and National – on the web.

Should I use web fonts?

Official typefaces help to reinforce USC’s visual identity and keep a consistent look across print and digital formats. Web fonts are useful if you want to use official typefaces throughout your website. If you’re just using official typefaces for your website title or a menu whose text doesn’t change, though, you might find it more efficient to use image replacement.

Using Adobe Caslon Pro as a web font

Adobe Caslon Pro is available as a web font through Typekit, which requires a membership.

Using National as a web font

National is hosted centrally by USC and is available to any USC organization website. To use it, select the styles you want to use, then copy the code below into your CSS file:

  1. Choose which weights and styles you want.

    National Light

    National Light Italic

    National Regular

    National Italic

    National Semibold

    National Semibold Italic

    National Bold

    National Extrabold

    National Extrabold Italic

  2. Add web font references to your website’s CSS file:
  3. Use corresponding CSS font styles to assign the fonts to text on your page. For example:

Some notes on usage:

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