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USC YouTube Technical Specifications

YouTube accepts both HD (high definition) and SD (standard definition) videos, but with that in mind all of YouTube’s video players are set at the HD format of 16:9 aspect ratio (think rectangle like a movie screen or HD TV) so your SD video will have black boxes around it. University Communications recommends shooting in HD.

YouTube Supported Resolutions:

1080p: 1920×1080
720p: 1280×720
480p: 854×480
360p: 640×360
240p: 426×240

University Communications highly encourages the use of both 1080p and 720p HD resolution for all of your videos. And YouTube prefers progressive scan (the P on 1080p) and asks if it is interlaced for you to de-interlace the files (i.e. 1080i )

YouTube provides some easy steps on encoding your video for their site. For encoding in iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and QuickTime Pro see here.

For encoding in Windows Movie Maker see here.

YouTube supports the following file formats:

For other information on YouTube’s technical requirements, please click here.

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