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Social Media Guidelines

For Institutional, Departmental and Organizational Use

Building a social media presence is a good way to extend your web presence, promote your programs, and connect with your audience in an environment that allows for a more personal communication style.

Consider establishing a consistent naming convention across social media sites if available. For example:, and You may want to create a style guide and read content guidelines for the social media sites to help establish your writing style and voice.

Once you set up a social media presence, keep it active; inactive accounts can make a bad impression. Engage in a two-way conversation with your followers and strive to create a positive community. Remove spam that is posted to your page, and don’t advertise non-USC products or accept money to do promoted tweets.

When creating social media for your institute/center, department, or unit, consider the following guidelines and best practices:

For Social Media Managers & Professional Use

Wondering about best practices for using social media professionally?

A note on institutional account passwords: For institutional accounts, it is recommended to create a redundancy system in coordination with the lead communication officer of your school or division, to ensure appropriate access to institutional accounts at all times. Contacting a social media platform to change passwords  or delete accounts can prove to be challenging and time-consuming.

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