University of Southern California

USC Identity Guidelines

Guidelines for Departments

USC Logo

Departments, centers, institutes and programs must include the primary USC logo in the top right corner of each page with a link back to the USC homepage. See website guidelines.

Website Titles

A website’s title (which may be the name of a department, program, or project) should be the most prominent identity information on the website. University and school identity graphics are meant to communicate the website’s academic affiliations clearly and efficiently, not to obscure or clutter the website’s identity. Official university typefaces (Caslon Pro and National) are available as web fonts, and may be useful to reinforce the university’s graphic identity. If you would like to use Caslon Pro or National, please read the instructions to use USC typefaces as web fonts. As an alternative, approved typefaces can be placed in images (.png or .svg files) on your webpage.

Academic and Administrative Unit Logotypes and Identity Guidelines

The USC graphic identity restricts the use of icons for academic units or departments. USC identity elements, such as the shield or seal, should not be attached to academic unit logotypes or department name treatments on web or print materials. The USC shield or seal can be used as a supporting element elsewhere on the page.

Some academic units provide their own graphic identity guidelines, including standards for footer/header configurations. Those guidelines are listed here and additional examples will be posted as they are developed.

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