University of Southern California

USC Identity Guidelines

Colors for Screen

USC’s official colors for screen use are different from the colors used for printed materials. The screen versions of cardinal and gold are slightly bolder, more saturated shades. Do not use the print versions of the colors, which reproduce well on paper and products but appear muted and slightly off-shade on screens. The correct screen colors are:

The background color behind the USC logo should be USC cardinal or one of the secondary colors (cardinal, black, dark gray, light gray, or white).

Some color combinations that are approved for print materials are restricted for screen. Don’t use white/gold or black/cardinal as foreground/background pairs, since those combinations have poor contrast on screens. Don’t use gold as a background color, since it is too bright to work well on screen as a background. Don’t use grayscale or single-color combinations, since those are approved only for certain printed materials.

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